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 OPEN: Club Leader

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PostSubject: OPEN: Club Leader   Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:42 pm

Club Leader

Club Leaders are in charge of a club of a certain topic, for example: fan clubs, art clubs, music clubs, video game clubs, etc.

They have their own special group for members so that way other members do not post any negaive comments, etc..

You will be required to keep the club active. After a month if it isn't active, you will get a PM to get it active.. If it doesn't, you're club will be taken away.
The only exception is if you let us know ahead of time you will be gone, etc.

A club leader must follow these requirements:
- positive
- active
- must have at least 10 posts

PM this form to become apply to be one: [we don't want anyone taking your creative ideas! :)]
Club Name:
Why should this club be added?:
Will you be active for it:

Results is a special color & moderating powers over the club.

Thank you!
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OPEN: Club Leader
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