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 Auctions - Section

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Auctions - Section Empty
PostSubject: Auctions - Section   Auctions - Section EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 7:10 pm

In the auction section you may hold up an item that can be bidded for, like in real auctions.
However it will be used by points!

The last person to bid will get the item & points will be lost from them only.
Do not bid what you don't have. ;]

You may do an auction but you must give it to the winner or you will get a warning if I hear they have not received it.

You must include in the auction:
- Start and Deadline
- Starting Points
- A picture of the item

Auctions will only be available to those who have 20+ posts.

Have fun! Auctions will be held as much as possible. ;]
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Auctions - Section
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