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 Lizzie's TP

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Lizzie's TP Empty
PostSubject: Lizzie's TP   Lizzie's TP EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 12:56 pm

Lizzie's TP FJhy3
Baby blue eft
Light purple eft
Bright Navy eft
Crimson eft
Black eft
Lavender eft
Mustard yellow eft
Teal Eft
Bright pink eft
Aqua eft
Light pink eft
Bright green eft
Olive green eft
Bright purple eft
Periwinkle eft
White eft
Aqua ballet flats
Gold pleated shiny skirt
Gold criss cross tank
Black dance star outfit [full]
Light pink dance star outfit [full]
White dance star outfit [full]
Hot pink butterfly outfit
Black butterfly outfit
Red butterfly outfit
Red patriotic girl outfit
Purple flower power tank top
Blue flower power tank top
Hot pink ice scates
Bright pink moose slippers
Light pink moose slippers
Hot pink letterman
Light pink letterman
Hot pink floral capri outfit
Hot pink buffalo cheecked cap
Black buffalo cheeked cap

Lizzie's TP PEIQS
50+ Credits
I have a lot of Retired Items and Almost Everything New
Just ask and I will check the color I have it in.

Lizzie's TP 72luS
Fury shoes
Red dino shoes
Green dino shoes
Saber tooth tiger outfit [full]
Matching outfit gloves
Bunny glasses
Grand tiara
Gazelle hat
Stegesaurus hat
Candy corn kitty tail + ears
Panther hat
Alien aquarium
Old flamingo mask
Red panda tail + ears
Monkey ears
Giraffe hat
Peace bear PSI
Peacock hat
Dino hat
Mouse ears
Scout sash
Orca hat
Pink dino bag
Blue dino bag
Scottie hat
Season of hugs PSI
Bear claw necklace
Alligator claw necklace
Candy corn tote

Lizzie's TP SLjvh
2009 top hat*
BABW Necklace*
Bright green bbl
Periwinkle bbl
Light pink bbl
Light yellow bbl
Teal bbl
Aqua bbl
Light green bbl
Baby blue bbl
Bright pink bbl x2
Light purple bbl
Black bbl

Lizzie's TP 2ZhiE
Virtual picnic basket
Green wand
BABW necklace
Any other manager items
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Lizzie's TP Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lizzie's TP   Lizzie's TP EmptyThu Aug 11, 2011 1:30 am

Lizze what would you like for your Periwinkal Embroided top and what would you like for your black buffalo hat? (:

Here is some items I could trade.....
1. Dark blue Embroided top.
2. Purple Holiday dress
3. Redish Pink belted top
4. Light pink Gold Embroided top.
5. Maybe.... Dark green ballet flats (For more items)
6. Brightish light blueish buffalo hat.

Those are the items I could trade but pick from those if yeah like any of those. (:
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Lizzie's TP
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